Become a UCMAS Franchise

Why Consider a UCMAS Franchisee ?

Our franchise support network helps franchisees reach their personal and business goals with a complete system including both business processes and educational curriculum.
The Top 10 Reasons to Join the UCMAS Mental Math franchise network .

  • Low initial investment
  • Low operating expenses and overhead
  • Previous education industry experience is not required
  • Work full or part-time
  • Strong demand for child development programs in a growing industry
  • Limited direct competition
  • An easy-to-operate system
  • An established and proprietary program and educational methodology
  • A proven business model to maximize your centre’s revenue potential
  • A committed franchisor to your success and your long-term growth


Space : 600 Sq Feet        Investment : ₹ 1 Lakh – 1.5Lakh


Franchisees do not need a background in teaching, but must share our passion for education with the objective of creating a child-centric environment that promotes a life-long love of learning for our UCMAS children.

If you’re a highly motivated individual who thrives on being accountable for your own success, a UCMAS franchise could be the most rewarding investment opportunity you’ve ever considered.


We have found that strong candidates for franchising with UCMAS share the following traits:

  • Enjoy interactions with parents, students and Course Instructors at the UCMAS Centre
  • Skilled at marketing and business development
  • Resourceful and multi-tasking individuals
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Solid leadership and management skills

Franchisee System: Low Risk High Reward

Why consider a franchisee? A Staggering number of new business fail within the first three years. Research indicates that the majority of business failures are due to lack of understanding of the market, the product, and a deficiency in brand awareness and business systems. For those reasons, franchising has become a driving force in the economy systems that combines a set of proven business structures for entrepreneurs with the strength of national brand names. A Franchise organization combines the drive and ambition of independent business owners with the experience, expertise and proven success formula of a larger company. The result tends to be rewarding for both the franchisee and franchisors with increased reach, market penetration, brand equity, growth and revenue potential. In today’s economy, franchisee systems continue to provide the widest possible entrepreneurial opportunities.

A Franchisee offers you a way to take ownership of your business goals with systems and support that will take the guesswork away whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or venturing into self-employment. Franchisee have a head start because of the support provided by the franchise system. Franchisee means being in business for yourself but noy by yourself. Franchisee combine knowledge and resources provided by the franchise with their owm enterpreneurial drive and spirit to form a business. Entrepreneurs views franchising as a vaible alternative to employment or to independent business operation.

Our Help and Support

  • Marketing / Sales training
  • Product training
  • National / Regional publicity from time-to-time
  • Centre launch with live demonstration by children
  • Marketing staff to help tap schools / large societies
  • Sharing of best business practices through Franchisee Meets

How to start a UCMAS Franchisee ?