UCMAS Program Details

UCMAS Program Details

Our program,designed by child development experts,fosters active learning and activates key cognitive functions such as memory,attention,perception,symbolic learning and reasoning. UCMAS children become motivated learners – the best route to success in academic and beyond!.


Maximum class size is restricted to 10,
open on weekends and weekday evening.


Annual Competitions held at Province/State/National and International levels.
International Grading Examination.is a Standardized Testing system devised by UCMAS GLOBAL, Malaysia.
Graduation Ceremony: Annual Event to recognize achievements of UCMAS students.
UC Challenge Cup: Global Online MATH Challenge for children to test mental math skills.

Basic, Elementary A and Elementary B (6 years and above)
KG -1
KG -2
KG -3
KG -4 (4 years and above)
Intermediate A Level (3 months)
Intermediate B Level (3 months)
Higher A Level (4 Months)
Higher B Level (4 Months)
Advance Level (4 Months)
Grand level
Grand level 2
The total duration of the program is 3 to 4 years.