Most Advanced - 6 Finger Technique

UCMAS is the only program in the world which has pioneered the Double Hand – 6 finger technique giving the best possible results. UCMAS can be deemed to be the most advance & effective program in the world. It help activates Thinking Functions and Somatosensory Functions of the Pre-frontal, Post-frontal & Parietal lobe, giving optimum results.

Rich Course Material

UCMAS gives its students well researched, updated and excellent course material, which is consistently revised and upgraded to bring in the best for the kids. The course material is supplemented by variety of tools like Flash Cards, Visual Calculator etc.

Comprehensive Teaching Methodolgy

Teachers who train your children themselves undergo rigorous training and continuous refreshers so that the children always gets the latest & the best.

Parent Technical Sessions

UCMAS organizes regular parenting technical sessions to facilitate proper guidance for children by parents when they are not in their class or while doing their homework.

World's Largest Network

WIth presence in 74 Countries, 6000 Global Centres and 3500 Centres in India, Team 10000+ Course Instructors and having trained over 2 million children, the UCMAS Network and Experience is unmatched.

One India One Registration

Students when needed may be transferred from one center to another any where in the country without any charges. It facilitates maintain continuity in program in case of transfer or relocation of parents .

State, National & International Competition

Every year UCMAS organizes competition for its children which fosters spirit of competitiveness, provides tremendous exposure and improves performance of a child significantly.

International Grading Examination

UCMAS program offers International grading and certifications, which ensures similar standards are maintained in all the countries.

Graduation Ceremony

UCMAS organizes a pious Graduation Ceremony for all the children who have completed the Eight Term. The beautiful UCMAS trophy is a big motivator.